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March 13  

In my opinion, the best fight is no fight at all.  The best option is to avoid fighting at all cost! 

 I’d much prefer using verbal Jiu-Jitsu to avoid any form of getting into a skirmish “in the street”.  I believe most people agree with me on this.

However, sometimes “the fight comes to you”!  What do you do then?

-What does a man do if he’s accosted at the gas pump or walking to his car?

-What does a child do if he or she is being physically bullied at school or at the park?

-What does a woman do if she’s attacked?

For one thing, that moment is not the time to develop a plan…it’s too late at that point. The fight has come to YOU! Now what?

What is your plan in these instances?  Do you have one?

Some people will say, “I’d just shoot them”!  If that is your only plan you may want to review the Tueller Principle.  Which is a rule of thumb thought that most people can run 21 feet by the time a trained police officer can draw and fire 2 unaimed shots.  To me this says that if you are ”jumped” or selected as a soft target, chances are great that the fight is ON, even if you happen to be carrying. Plus do you really want to shoot someone when there are other ways to prevent it?  I personally believe that should be our last resort if the attacker is unarmed.

Lets say your are surprised and the bad guy got the jump on you….

What can YOU do if an attacker gets his hands on you?  What is your plan?

As an NRA instructor and supporter of our 2nd Amendment rights, I fully support Concealed Carry for protecting ourself and our home.  I also believe that people should have some other forms of defending themselves and/or their families.

I chose Gracie Jiu-Jitsu many years ago, and I’m glad that I did.  I suggest finding a martial art that is the ’real deal’, not just going through the motions against fake opponents and breaking boards.  

Get yourself and your kids in a program that provides you with a plan of what to do and how to do it, in crisis situations, Practice those situations full speed in a live setting.  You will gain muscle memory and be able to respond automatically to the attack, because you’ve practiced it 100’s of times.

It’s always great to be prepared for the unknown, and if and when the fight comes to you….you will be ready to implement your plan.

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Good training!

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