Sometimes You Can’t Win…

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August 1  

Rickson Gracie

One of the most important lessons that I’ve learned in my dozens of years in Jiu-Jitsu is the fact that in an unexpected attack, assault, mugging, etc….winning looks a bit different than it will in a wrestling match in high school, an amateur boxing match or a MMA fight.

There are no points, advantages, or ten point must rules, or rules of any sort.  You can’t tap out or get DQ’d or get a standing eight count. It’s you vs. the predator..

In the ‘street’ fight or sexual assault it could very well be a ‘live or die’ situation. Live or DIE! You don’t look for these encounters but sometimes the fight/assault finds you!  

How you train is how you will handle this situation. The time for preparation is not ‘on the spot’.  It’s ‘on the mat’ or on the gun range….well in advance. 

“Oh, I’ll just shoot him” is the flippant cop out answer that many folks rely on.  If you are trained and carry…Amen to that, I’m with you ….but the reality is that the predator is looking for ‘soft targets’ to attack, to rob, to rape!  

People who are trained carry themselves differently, they are aware, the have a plan and KNOW WHAT TO DO in ALL SITUATIONS!

In these situations there is no referee to stop the bout.  So it’s just you and the predator….so how do you win in this situation? Your mindset will be to stay alive, resist and escape, and you get to go home.  

In reality you need to know how “NOT TO LOSE” in various circumstances. 

Don’t lose…. so you can go home to your mom and dad.

Don’t lose….. so you will see your wife and tuck in your kids  tonight.

Don’t lose….so you don’t have a lifetime of regret.

In these situations if you “don’t lose”, you actually win!

I tell my students that in these situations, I may not win, but I’m not going to lose!

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Train Smart…..Be Humble!



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