In BJJ, often times YOU are hurting YOU!

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January 10  

Many years ago as a blue belt, I was training with a black belt from Brazil. During our session, I was using a lot of strength, trying to power through my instructor.  I got ‘tweaked’ in a scramble and I exclaimed: “YOU ARE HURTING ME”!  My coach calmly said, no Larry….”””You are hurting you”””!

i thought about over time, and frankly…he was right!  I was using power, he was totally relaxed, I was forcing the issue, he was responding to my movements, I was competitive while he was simply training, I was getting tired, he was cool as a cucumber.  He waiting for me to tire, and then he submitted me multiple times.

He was not hurting me. It was more like I was trying to beat him in a very rough manner.  His submissions were held a little longer, he ramped it up when he was ready….and I paid a well earned price for some major discomfort.  I learned a lot that day……MAINLY TO CALM THE H*^L Down!

we have guys in the gym who train like it’s the UFC.  Nobody benefits from this, and people are getting hurt. Training is about trying the techniques…’s not being a one trick pony with a certain choke or armbar.or other submissio.

It’s about leaving your ego at the door, humbling yourself to learning and having fun. Gassing out in drills is just ridiculous.  You are not getting it!!!! And you’re going to get yourself or someone else hurt…..and I’m not standing for this.

do yourself a favor, relax, set up in each position the way you have been taught.

it may take some time, but trust the process.  The brute will be better than most in the short run. The technical guy will roar past the brute, and the egocentric brute will never catch up.

DON’T be that guy!  Train in class to learn… so you can win on the street or in a tournament.

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Larry Shealy