Dealing with Injuries in BJJ

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July 10  

Dealing with Injuries in BJJ

Rule #1: Train Safe

While I don’t endorse people training when they physically do not feel like it, I do like for people to be aware of a few things.

First of all, there is a difference between being hurt, and being injured.

Being hurt:
I tweaked my elbow, I got elbowed in the face. These type things hurt, no doubt, but sometimes you need to deal with it maybe take a day or two off, stay on the sideline and just take notes.

These things do happen, they are accidental, they are more an inconvenience than an emergency….and they are the types of things that caused us to coin the term:
“THIS AIN’T TENNIS” Yes, it’s Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, and it is not easy. Sometimes Jiu-Jitsu hurts….

Being Injured:
Injuries, on the other hand, are VERY serious, and why we are stressing safety so much in every class. It is our #1 Core Value. Injuries are a very BIG DEAL in any sport, and safety must be a core aspect that is infused into our training. Where the hurts are minor and we must deal with them…injuries are serious and MUST BE AVOIDED at all costs!

You will hear…tap early, tap often.
Leave your ego at the door
Calm down
Smooth it out
Slow is smooth and smooth is fast
Or someone screaming TAP, TAP,TAP (typically me)….it’s all because we train in an intentionally safe environment. An environment where we strive for ‘nobody getting injured’…..period.

Yes, I will razz you if I hear you complaining about a hang nail or some other form of a minor boo-boo….but please know and understand that preventing injury is my Primary Focus while I’m teaching class.

Please know that I will stop class if I see any activity that can cause injury. You can take it upon yourself to do the same.
Many thanks to all!

“Train hard, train smart…train for life”!

Prof. Larry Shealy

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