BJJ IS A Marathon Not A Sprint

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September 23  

It’s a Marathon not a Sprint

By definition, a marathon is not a sprint. 

This means we need to pace ourselves—if we try to go too fast, we will run out of gas. An uphill mile may require a lot from us, but even with this immediate challenge, we have to keep some energy, patience, and passion in reserve for the miles to come.

The same holds true in Jiu-Jitsu.  It takes many years to become proficient in BJJ. BJJ is not like many martial arts that push one through a belt system. However it will push you in many other areas: your patience, your arrogance, your work ethic, your commitment, your ego, your will!

Count on approximately a 10 year journey to attain black belt, if you train a few times per week.  And that’s really the beginning of your long, life-long  journey.

It‘s common for new students to come to class, gung-ho to learn it all……only to find it’s not quite that easy.  I equate it to my golf game.  Many years ago I wanted to “get good” at golf. I wanted to get good quickly…..but it wasn’t that easy for me.  I did not put in the time and effort to improve the way I wanted, and I eventually lost interest.

In BJJ the first several months are pretty tough. You’re learning new terms, positions and you stay in a fog. In comparison to a new blue belt (1-2 years of experience)….you know nothing.

You see, in Jiu-Jitsu, the mat does not lie.  There are no short cuts. It’s about putting in the work, under a proficient teacher….over a long period of time.

BJJ is indeed a marathon and not a sprint. 

So humble yourself,focus, put in the work that your professor puts before you. Live and learn.

Jiu-Jitsu is an incredible gift to yourself, if you are willing to put in the work over a long period of time.

What about belts?  My first instructor told me this: “White belt, blue belt….forget about it!”  Just train…and leave your ego at the door!


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Larry Shealy