BJJ and Kids BJJ is indeed a ‘Family Affair’!

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October 30  

Since opening the Hendo BJJ Team inside of Rise MMA, we are blessed to have a bunch of folks come in and try classes.  What pleases me is that we are getting a good mix of people from all walks of life; but what REALLY fires me up is the number of families who are coming to train.  BJJ and Kids BJJ is indeed a Family Affair..

Most parents bring their child to ‘train’ for the discipline, structure , confidence building, and with the knowledge that their child, over time, will learn to defend themselves in a bullying situation.  It’s cool when these same parents say, “hey, do you have adult classes?”, or “do you think I’m too old to start training in BJJ?  and….”is there a way I can train with my child?”

All of these are positive situations and further indicates to me that “the family that trains together….’taps together’! LOL  Actually they have a ball, and just like other students, the family becomes part of the ‘BJJ family’

At Hendo BJJ & MMA, we have families with multiple kids in our Kids BJJ class, and a few of their parents are also training in the adult class.  Many of our parents, who are training, volunteer to assist in our BJJ kids class to keep them all safe.

If you have an itch to do something new, with the family…..come see us.  We train hard, and we change smart…..and, of course, safety is paramount for all of our students, children and adults.

“Train Hard, Train Smart…..Train for LIFE!”

Prof. Larry Shealy

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